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Step into a world of wellness and vibrant energy at Wellness With Sophie!

I am Sophie (3/5 Emotional Projector), your guide to the wondrous worlds of yoga and Human Design.

In a world that's constantly buzzing with activity, I found my solace in the graceful art of moving my body. Picture this: a busy life doing its thing, and then there's me, flowing and bending like a majestic river, reconnecting with my inner self. It's like an artistic dance that I get to choreograph anew each day. Whether life's got me jumping for joy or doing the limbo with challenges, my trusty yoga practice is my sidekick, ready to boogie with me through thick and thin.


In my arsenal of tools, I also harness the power of Human Design to help you live in alignment. And guess what? I'm thrilled to share this incredible journey with YOU!


So, dear friend, get ready to embark on your very own JOURNEY of yoga and human design

let's not forget your eagerness to move, groove, and discover what your body, mind, and heart can truly achieve when living your true design


ready to groove and grow together!​

Radiantly yours,


Sophie​ x


How can I help?

Meditating on the Beach
Online Yoga

Free Human Design Chart

Start your Journey here

Not sure what your design is? Fill out the detials on the free chart to find out then follow me down the rabbit hole

1 to 1 Human Design Reading

Take the next step

Want to know more about your design and how you can live in alignment. Then book a

1 to 1 session with Sophie to dive deeper


Feel connected

Private yoga sessions are available and will be completely tailored to your physical and emotional needs and can focus on specific issues or health conditions. Sessions can take place within the comfort of your own home or online via Zoom

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Dubai, UAE

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Yoga at Home

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"


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