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There is so much to discover about your energy through your unique Human Design chart. You can start with your energy type below but the elements listed on your chart only scratch the surface and to learn more, book in a 1:1 session

What's your energy
type ?


Manifestors make up around 9% of the population and are natural initiators.

Their strategy is to inform those around them of their choices and decisions before taking action. Due to their powerful impact, their closed and repelling aura may cause others to feel off balance and try to control them.

However, when Manifestors share their plans, it puts those around them at ease and removes energetic resistance. Feeling at peace is the signature indicating they are following their Human Design.

If they move through life without informing others, they may experience resistance and experience anger; this is the theme of their not-self lifestyle.


Around 70% of the population are Generators; these people are the life force of the planet. Generators have a defined sacral center and an open, inviting aura that naturally draws life toward them.

Their strategy is to respond instead of initiate opportunities, but they must follow their excitement.

A generator will shine if they are doing something they are passionate about but equally will wilt if they are doing something they don’t like.

Therefore, it’s important for a generator to say no to opportunities that they don’t want.

They will feel satisfied when they are on the right Human Design path and frustrated when they’re not.


Manifesting Generators possess a blend of Manifestor and Generator energy, allowing them to excel at multitasking.

They must embrace the fact that each day will be different from the last; they shouldn’t expect consistent energy.

It’s important to note that their productivity and motivation levels may vary daily but can always be restored through adequate sleep.

Manifesting generators strategy is to respond, listen to their gut instinct, and determine whether to proceed.

The main difference between this type and a generator is that they have to inform in the same way a manifestor does, but only after they have responded to the opportunity. It’s essential to follow this sequence.

Manifesting Generators feel content and fulfilled when living according to their design.

However, if they take on projects or work they dislike, they will experience frustration and anger.


A projector strategy is to wait for recognition and an invitation; they make up about 20% of the population. They possess a focused and penetrating aura that enables them to see deeply into others.

When acknowledged and invited, Projectors can serve as invaluable guides.

However, their openness makes them susceptible to conditioning, other people’s energy, and the outside world.

These can result in exhaustion and bitterness if they focus their energy on the wrong people or are not adequately recognized.

Projectors must learn to be discerning about where they direct their energy.

They have a natural talent for mastering systems, and when they use their energy correctly, they can achieve success in their life and relationships.


Reflectors comprise only 1% of the population and are identified by having defined centers. They possess a resilient aura that samples and reflects energies around them.

Unlike other types, Reflectors have a unique way of processing experience since their chemistry magnifies everything and everyone.

This attribute allows them to see what’s happening in a way that nobody else can.

Their greatest strength is in their capacity to read others and their surroundings. Reflectors can experience the wonder and surprise of life when healthy and in the right place.

However, if they end up identifying with what they are reflecting, they may become exhausted and disappointed.

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